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Benefits of Option Arm Loans

As with any adjustable rate mortgage, option arm loans can provide many benefits over traditional fixed rate loans for the right consumer.  Often referred to as a cash flow loan these programs provide an added flexibility of payment choice.  A consumer will be able to choose from several possible mortgage payments every month providing a greater ability to manage cash flow.  The popular benefits associated with these loans are:

Low Introductory Start Rate

bullet Minimum Payment Option
bullet Interest Only Payment Option
bullet Two (2) Fully Amortized Payment Options
bullet Payment Flexibility - You Choose Which Payment to Make!

Option ARM loan programs are not for everyone but they do serve a purpose for many homeowners.  If you plan to own your property for a short period of time and prefer lower monthly payments than this can be a very attractive loan option.  However, if you only consistently pay the minimum you should be prepared for possible sudden increases in your monthly payments down the road.


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